PPe Resource Group fundraiser for Small Businesses suffering financially from COVID-19 Restrictions

We are PPe Resource Group, a small business like yours who sell custom logo masks and personal protection equipment to many different small businesses across the U.S. We want to help other small businesses and restaurants by offering (25) free 6-Ply filtered face masks with a specially printed fundraiser logo and sponsors listed on the outside of the filtered face mask. Since the holidays are quickly approaching, we wanted to help the small business community in this time of need. We have about 6,000 6-ply filtered face masks to offer to the small businesses and restaurants.  

If we could find a corporate sponsor willing to help pay the costs of the mask and printing we can give away more high quality filtered face masks. These masks are of great quality and are available to sell to your loyal patrons, friends or family. We hope during this COVID-19 pandemic everyone can do their part to help support all the local small businesses and restaurants. We love the small business community and believe you do as well. Please help us make the Small Business Stay Safe Stay Open Fundraiser successful so we can help as many businesses and restaurants as possible.

What we are offering:

  • (25) Free Custom Logo Masks – specific to this fundraiser with the city landscape on the outside and #staysafestayopen on the other in steel grey or black color
  • 6-ply Layer Filtering
  • Polyester Material
  • Elastic Adjusting Ear Straps

Order Instructions

We are taking pre-orders for the filtered logo face mask. You will receive your (25) free 6-ply print filtered face masks from PPe Resource Group. Just fill out our registration form and we will deliver the mask to your business or restaurant. If interested in additional masks we are asking for our costs to be paid for the 6-ply filtered face masks printed with the fundraiser information. On your initial registration there is nothing due. Any additional orders we can either accept credit cards and the charge is $2.00 per mask or we are willing to discuss trading for gift cards to your business or restaurant to help you even more. 

If you want the 6-ply filtered masks with nothing printed, they are $1.00 each.

If you want your small business logo or custom messaging printed instead of the city landscape, we can discuss ordering our premium masks.


When you register we will deliver (25) masks to your small business / restaurant.  We know this is only a small amount for your establishment but we want to help as many St. Louis local small businesses as we can. Hopefully, a corporate sponsor will step up and sponsor the next round of mask to give away. The mask costs $2.00 each to produce so a sponsor can donate $2000.00 for a 1000 masks and have an impact of $5,000.00 to the small business community. We hope this is a start to something the entire local community can get behind to help support your favorite local Small Businesses.

We know that the owners and staff of these small businesses and restaurants work very hard. We know they are not looking for a hand out but rather a hand up. They are the first to give to our fundraisers through gift cards or donated items. Now it is time for us to return the favor and help them in this time of need. Let’s all come together and help protect ourselves with filtered face masks and make an impact on our small business communities. 

From all the Staff at PPe Resource Group we hope you stay safe and eventually can stay open. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Please fill out the form below.

**Disclaimer – These masks are not our premium hand sewn masks we sublimate with a nose strap, polyester back layer and adjustable ear straps. Those masks are available but are more expensive and would be printed with your specific business logo. Feel free to contact us to discuss.