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We soon discovered there was a need for someone to design a great looking mask that protected the wearer as best as possible from the virus.

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PPe Resource Group

The entire reason PPe Resource Group came together was to make high-quality good-looking mask that fit comfortably and provide the highest level of protection compared to just a cloth or 3-ply mask. 

Behind PPE Logo Mask
  • Bill Potthoff
  • Abraham Rezek
  • Dave Shaw
  • David Corbitt & Dani Corbitt
  • Christopher Brady
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If we are able to get this investment, We know we will be in business for a long time producing mask and clothing that protects those in society who are most vulnerable to viruses. We all deserve a chance to have a healthy life and our mask will help save some lives.

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Our Story

In early January of 2020 I started to see videos on YouTube of a virus outbreak in Wuhan China. My name is Bill Potthoff, and unfortunately, I have terminal cancer. It is a slow growing tumor in my small intestines and spread to my liver and lymph nodes. Since I have a serious medical condition, I wanted to insure I had the best protective equipment to help protect my family and me from the virus. As I was investigating different mask and watching videos on which mask protected best, I was also concerned about not looking so sterile as I walked around with a mask. 

We were fortunate enough to meet Abraham Rezek, unfortunately we met because of cancer. His wife Pam also has stage 4 cancer. As we started to discuss getting the proper personal protection equipment to protect our families, we started meeting different people who had the same concerns. Dave Shaw had experience bringing medical devices to market. Chris Brady has an extensive background in marketing products on-line. David and Dani Corbitt brought the most valuable component. Industry knowledge and contacts with sewing companies who could put our 6-ply mask together.

What we do

We discovered there was a need for someone to design a great looking mask that protected the wearer as best as possible from the virus. If the CDC says a 3ply mask can help, then what would a 6-ply mask do?

We worked for the past 5 months to perfect our mask. What if you take a 6-ply mask then sublimate it (the process of printing on material) and then add another polyester layer on the back with an additional polyester pocket all sewn together.

The pocket allows the wearer to insert the melt blown material for additional protection. Our research and development have made our mask superior to other masks. Our masks can provide better protection than a simple cloth mask or 3-ply mask.

Side View

Inside View

Front View

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Anyone can print on cloth material and make it into a face mask. What makes PPe Resource Group mask different is the proprietary material we use which is 6-ply. We sublimate the material with a design, artwork, corporate or team logo.


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