Custom Printed 
Filtered Face Masks

Any company can print on cotton cloth material and make a face mask. What makes the PPe Resource Group custom face mask different is the proprietary process we use which includes our (6)-ply material.

Getting Started

Step 1

Complete Questioner

Step 3

Upload Vector Logo File

Step 2

Choose Fabric Color

Step 4

Approve Sample Mask

Vector Image File

Our Graphic Designers are always ready to help. Please submit all vector image files in the following formats:

.svg or .eps or .pdf or .ai

**(Images not in proper file format will be subject to additional editing charge)

Mock Face Mask Logo Layout

Our Graphic Designers will work to bring your Logo Face Mask design to life. Our Proofing/Editing process is scheduled to be the last step before going to print, this will give you one last opportunity for final revisions.

Face Mask

  • TBD


  • Compressed (6)-Ply Polyester

Ear Strap Color

  • (9) Color Choices

Face Mask Colors

  • (100) Color Options

Interior Cloth
Colors & Patterns

  • Solid Colors
  • Multi Color, Black & White Patterns
  • Polka Dots
  • Text Printing

Filtering Standards

  • 95.5% Filtration Efficiency
  • Nelson Labs USA Certified

Front View

Inside View

Side View


Our PPE Logo Face Masks not only look great but more importantly it gives you added protection from virus particulates. Just take our word, read some of our partner testimonials.

Restaurant Owner

“These Face Masks were a lifesaver to me by helping to keep my business open, and allowing our staff to social distance safely.”

– Andrew J.

Real Estate Agent

“Working with PPe Resource Group on designing my Logo Face Mask was seamless. Can’t say enough about the professional process.”

– Patrick R.

Office Admin

“This is the first actual Face Mask that was comfortable, felt safe and allowed me to speak clearly when wearing the mask.”

– John T.

School Teacher

“I like the masks because you can breathe much easier than with the plain cloth masks. They also stay in place as opposed to many other masks that you have to continually adjust. I would definitely recommend the masks to anyone. I would suggest that the masks be washed at least once or twice before wearing them for the first time.

– Owen B.

Hand Stitching

We have been working hard in 2020 to perfect our logo face mask solution. With hand stitching to our compressed (6)-ply custom face mask another polyester layer on the back with an additional polyester pocket all sewn together. The pocket allows the face mask wearer to insert the melt blown material for additional protection.

Filtered Reusable
Face Masks